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As a matter of fact, to be successful in meeting your business objectives you need to work closely and collaboratively with other organisations. But developing fruitful business partnerships is not always easy - even in good circumstances relationships are often low-level, transaction-based and/or merely contractual.
We recognise that our success and, most importantly, that of our customers depends on more than just providing Excellent Lubricants, Oil, Greases and Services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, eliminate problem areas and capture productivity gainsp1_02 for all.


Our experience is that successful relationships thrive in a culture of trust, cooperation and commitment - a partnering culture that grows when the key people clearly understand and agree on what they want to achieve together .


While a successful partnership benefits all parties, the desire to partner often comes down to nothing more than wishful thinking and empty words. Left to chance, some business relationships will prosper while others will never realise the potential savings, service improvements and revenue growth opportunities that can stem from a strong business partnership.



Special offer for our customers
State an appointment for initial consultation with one of our lubricants representatives and receive a 10% discount on our our minimum order value —that’s a saving of £100 on normal prices. Every new business receiving a consultation before 31st December 2011 is in the draw for a bonus! One Client will receive their next Lubrication solution at a whopping rebate—saving up to 15% of the order value.

Automotive Lubricants
Advanced formulas to keep car engines and transmissions running like new
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  • DuraDrive MV SYNTHETIC ATF — a full synthetic multi-vehicle ATF suitable for use in a wide range of North American, Asian and European transmissions
  • DEXRON®-VI — delivers twice the service life of former DEXRON®-III ATFs and is the new standard for all GM transmissions
  • ATF+4® — offers optimal shift efficiency and excellent oxidation and shear stability in Chrysler transmissions
  • ATF D3M demonstrates exceptional oxidation and thermal stability for long service life where former DEXRON®-III type fluids are recommended
  • Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF — formulated for commercial and heavy duty transmission systems
  • DURON* Heavy Duty Engine Oils — protect vital parts, for cleaner engines and fewer change-outs
  • TRAXON* Automotive Gear Oils — give better gear protection to save you money
  • PRECISION* Greases — deliver greater purity, durability and performance