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Automotive & Industrial Lubricants & Asphalts
 Industrial Lubricants, Oils & Greases
  • Chain Oilsdesigned for chains, guide bars, journal bearings and chain saw sprockets
  • Compressor Fluids provide long and highly reliable service life
  • Industrial Gear Oilsdesigned for industrial gear and bearing systems operating under mild to extreme loads
  • Hydraulic Fluids long-life, anti-wear fluids for wide temperature ranges and environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Metal Working Oils deliver rapid heat removal and excellent lubricity for every application
  • Natural Gas Engine Oils premium performance, long-life lubricants for natural gas engines and compressors
  • Paper Machine Oils formulated to protect equipment longer and increase uptime, and also for use in environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Rock Drill Lubricant lubricate and cool the mechanisms of air-operated rock drills
  • Turbine Fluidsdeliver excellent lubrication, long life, and cooling in a wide variety of applications
  • Saw Guide Oils less wash-off and better lubricity for multi-blade gang saws and edgers
  • Machine Tool and Way Lubricants — formulated to maintain smoother, uninterrupted operation and extend service life in demanding operating conditions
  • Vacuum Pump Fluid — delivers extended lubricant life under high pump loads and elevated operating conditions