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Visa Petrochemical Appointed UK Authorised Distributor of Petro-Canada Lubricants, Oil and Greases


Petro-Canada Lubricants is pleased to announce Visa Petrochemical of Northampton, United Kingdom as Authorised Distributor of Petro-Canada lubricants, Oil and Greases for supply to wider customer’s network in the United Kingdom. 


Petro-Canada has more than 25 years experience producing exceptional performing lubricants that save our customers money.  They use the patented HT purity process to produce 99.9% pure, crystal-clear base oils to the highest standards.  The base oil is the foundation of their premium lubricant which leads the industry in dispersing engine soot that can damage pistons, rings, liners and bearings.  Furthermore, their base oil quality insures superior performance in extreme cold and hot operating temperatures. 

Visa Petrochemical Partner with Petro-Canada Lubricants


Visa Petrochemical management is pleased to partner with Petro-Canada Lubricants as their Authorised Distributors of Petro-Canada lubricants, Oil and Greases for supply to wider customer’s network in the United Kingdom. 
This is an exciting period for us as we will now be able to supply our fleet of customers with a wide variety of premium lubricants, oils, fluids and greases in all package sizes to suit the needs of the strenuous duty cycle of a motor coach fleet, plant and machineries, commercial bus operators and many others.  Our representatives will be able to recommend the correct product for each application with the goal of maximizing drain intervals and component duty cycle.  Visa Petrochemical has many years of direct OEM experience. We have factory fill agreements with such large businesses as Commercial Truck Operators, Commercial Buses Operators, Plant and Machineries Companies and many others.




Visa Petrochemical supplies superior automotive and heavy duty commercial engine oils and transmission fluids help keep the vehicles and equipment in your fleet running. We deliver performance lubricants for transmissions, drive trains and small or large engines. All of our fluids meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications, giving you more performance…and confidence.




Visa Petrochemical delivers a complete line of fluids, oils and lubricants for your compressor, hydraulic, natural gas engine and turbine needs.
We also provide specialty fluids for metal working and rock drills. Whether you need an environmentally-sensitive hydraulic fluid, lubrication for steam and gas turbines, or a food-grade heat transfer fluid, we have the product that’s right for your operation



Visa Petrochemical supplies Base Oil, Wax and White Mineral Oil from Petro-Canada who are the largest white mineral oil manufacturer in the world. Our source of Petro-Canada's white mineral oil is its own base oil supply, an extremely pure base mineral oil, produced using a patented HT purity process. These oils deliver amongst the highest standards of purity and quality to meet the white mineral oil requirements of various industries such as: Health and Beauty; Pharmaceuticals; Adhesives; Plastics and Elastomers; Agriculture and Additional Markets such as Textiles, Animal Feeds and Furniture Polish

Whatever the application and condition, Visa Petrochemical supplies  multi-application greases, mining greases and specialty greases that provide exceptional protection for your plant machinery and automated lubrication systems,  on-road or off-road vehicles and Equipment, drilling and mobile equipment in the mining industry..We export our top-quality greases to almost every corner of the globe. Whether it’s the sub-arctic conditions of a northern mine or a plant floor, we have a product specially formulated for your industry.
Visa Petrochemical supplies  you with the best in specialty fluids to meet the diverse needs of your industry  with Compressor Cleaner; Concrete Form Oils;  Drill Mud Fluid Base; Dust Suppressant Fluid; Heat Transfer Fluids; Horticultural Spray Oil; and Transformer Fluids which help you keep your operation delivering as it should. From sprays and oils that control dust and kill pests, to fluids that electrically insulate and transfer heat, the purity of our products sets us apart.


Visa Petrochemical supplies food-grade lubricants and greases that fits perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and GMP plan, and carry a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements.

Petro-Canada's PURITY™ food-grade lubricants are designed for many applications in food processing plants. These specially formulated food-grade lubricants are effective under severe food processing operating conditions — from food acids and juices to by-products and temperature swings.

Profitable Strategies & Rising Productivity
Rising Productivity

Petro-Canada lubricant products are designed to outperform competitive lubricants in a wide range of demanding applications.

Our remarkable lubricants, specialty fluids and greases have a growing reputation for maximizing equipment performance, customer savings and customer productivity. That translates into Tangible Savings Solutions we can confidently make to our customers.


How is this achieved?

By using Petro-Canada’s series of Value models for comparing current lubricant choices with our lubricant products.


The differences may surprise you.

1.    We start by getting to know the specifics of your business and the nature and extent of your lubrication needs. We work with you to develop a detailed written plan to produce meaningful, sustainable cost savings.


2.    Next, we propose the most cost-effective lubricant for each application without compromising the protection and performance of your equipment, or the manufacturer’s warranty.


3.    We focus on the opportunity of using the same lubricant for multiple applications to simplify product ordering, inventory and applications to reduce your overall lubrication costs. We can also provide you with lubrication surveys, leakage control studies, flow rate studies, and other specialized services to help you get the most out of your lubrication dollars.


4.    We also track progress, recommend course corrections, if necessary, and back this up with the best “NoNonsense Warranty” in the business to help put your mind at ease.


And we also provide top-notch training for your maintenance professionals to help them select the right lubricant, in the right equipment, in the right quantity, at the right time.


All these services are documented to help you track and evaluate the impact of our service support.


That’s how we provide Tangible Savings Solutions for you!


And that’s how we save you money.

Who We Are
A Few Words About Us

Visa Petrochemical, is a leading global Lubricants, Greases and Oil Suppliers, delivering business solutions to its customers.


Visa Petrochemical, founded develop the efficient delivery and outsourcing effective petrochemical delivery systems several years ago.

Today, Visa Petrochemical,  delivers one of the industry's broadest portfolios of Lubricants, Greases and Oil business process outsourcing services to customers in the manufacturing,  healthcare manufacturing, energy, transportation, and consumer and retail industries, and to governments around the world.

 We differentiate ourselves in the Business marketplace by providing outstanding service, innovation and industry thought leadership. To monitor our progress and encourage candid collaboration with our clients, we established the Service Excellence program.