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Visa Petrochem Supply engine oils and transmission fluids that help keep the vehicles and equipment in your fleet running. We deliver performance lubricants for transmissions, drive trains and small or large engines. All of our

fluids meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications, giving you more performance…and confidence.


Automatic Transmission Fluids 

Automotive Gear Fluid 

Heavy Duty Engine Oils



Whether you’re managing an on-highway fleet or heavy duty off-road construction equipment, you know how important a reliable and long-lasting engine is to your business. Minimizing engine wear is critical to reducing downtime and extending the life of your engine. Especially in today’s tough operating conditions that can produce and retain more soot than ever before. By controlling soot, DURON provides exceptional defense against engine wear.


Choose the diesel engine oil for your needs

  • DURON-E is your engine’s best defense against the costly effects of soot. These API CJ-4 compliant oils have been specifically formulated to disperse 2.2X* more soot than the industry standard — clearly, the leader in soot control.
  • DURON provides proven soot-fighting performance and savings including API CI-4 grades that are well suited for engines of earlier generations.

*Based on Mack T-11 engine test data for DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40.


There's a Petro-Canada product that's right for your engine, transmission or hydraulic needs

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids fluids that meet the latest performance credentials for passenger car, commercial and heavy duty transmission applications
  • Automotive Gear Fluidfor most manual transmissions, differentials, power take-off units and final drives for passenger cars, trucks, and off-highway vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils wear protection for existing engines; durability for new 2007 exhaust gas emissions aftertreatment technology
  • Railway Engine Oils designed for severe service locomotive, marine and stationary power plants
  • Marine Engine Oilsdesigned for crankcase lubrication of medium and high speed trunk piston engines
  • Passenger Car Motor Oils a full line of products that exceed the latest performance credentials of major car manufacturers
  • Small Engine Oils for both air-cooled and water-cooled 2-stroke cycle engines operating under all conditions
  • Transmission/Drive Train Fluids for even the toughest performance needs
  • Transmission/Hydraulic Fluids lasts up to three times longer and has up to two times better wear protection than the leading global hydraulic oil brand